My books are about...
the Passion and Devotion between
a man and a woman, Love the way
God originally intended it to be, 
and Commitment that lasts a lifetime.

Zena Wynn, 
Romance Author

Passionate Love that Lasts a Lifetime


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Releasing 2019 

Ryan's Obsession 

Gwen Riley is my former partner's widow and the object of my obsession. I've waited two long years for her heart to heal. Waited for a sign she was ready to allow another man into her life. I positioned myself to be the one she turned to and what did she do? Go out on a date with another man. Before tonight is over, my lovely lady will learn what I've always known--she belongs to me.

Length: Extremely Short (reads in less than an hour)

Genre: Contemporary, I/R

Heat: Spicy

Release date: 1/29/19

Available on Amazon/KU: Amazon

The Nina Chronicles 4: Full and Overflowing

Release date: 4/15/19 on Amazon and KU  

(For a limited time, the whole Nina Chronicles series is available on Kindle Unlimited)

Being a parent is hard work. Being a stepparent? Even tougher. With stepchildren being the number two cause of divorce, it's a good thing Nina and Roberto worked out a plan on how to deal with the children while they were engaged. When that plan is put to the test, will their marriage crumble under the strain?

Genre: Contemporary, IR/MC, BBW, Edgy Christian, BDSM

Heat: Spicy

Never before published.  

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Release date: 6/23/19

I've spent years watching my business partner and our Administrative Assistant moon over each other when they thought no one watched. It's time to do something about it. If they won't make a move on their own, like a master chessman, I'll maneuver them into position until the outcome is a foregone conclusion. I just hope my plan doesn't get us all killed.

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Genre: Contemporary, I/R,  suspense

 Heat: Erotic


Anticipated Release Date: November 2019

It should have been simple. Drive to New York, perform a wellness check on NeeCee Jones for his best bud, Chad, and return home to Refuge, NC. If Bull has more personal reasons for wanting to see the aggravating human he can’t get off his mind...? Well, that’s his business. He arrives in New York, spare key in hand, to find NeeCee’s apartment trashed, her paintings slashed, and her passed out in the bedroom. 

Bull does what any logical thinking man would do. He kidnaps NeeCee and brings her back to Refuge with him. With her sister in heat, that gives him three days to convince NeeCee they belong together before Tameka and Chad come running to the rescue. But with his mate, his alpha, and even his wolf against him, Bull will have to prove this is one mating that won't be denied.




Lycan Series Book 2

Release date: 4/06/18

She’s not interested in younger men...

Mateo Gonzales chances to overhear two female coworkers discussing the merits of dating younger men. A wounded veteran, he’s been going through the motions of life, borderline depressed, living in survival mode. Something about one of the women sparks a flare of interest. Intrigued, he can’t ignore the challenge she presents.

He’s persistent, determined and won’t take no for an answer...

Camille Anthony’s first encounter with Mateo is in their employer’s parking garage when he graciously changes her flat tire. He asks her out. She says no. The man may be sexy as hell, but she’s simply not interested. Too bad lycans never, ever listen to reason when pursuing their mate.

Danger lurks in the shadows...

Lycans. Loyal, possessive, and territorial. Once one has you in his sights, he never stops until his objective is achieved. But what happens when you’re the focus of two, both of whom believe you’re their mate?

Genre: Paranormal, Werewolf, Romantic Suspense

(each book stands alone) 

Available now via Smashwords, Barnes and Nobles, Kobo, and iTunes. 

To read an excerpt or to purchase, click here: Possessed by the Lycan




When Sheila Cartier discovers she has cancer, it causes her to take a good look at her life. She’s been pretty satisfied with it so far, but if there’s one thing that troubles her mind, it’s the way she handled her divorce. Sheila doesn’t want a do-over with her ex-husband. She merely wonders if she’d stuck things out, would it have gotten better. Did she make the right decision all those years ago? 
If the cancer causes her to meet her Maker, she’d like to do so with zero regrets. Enter Fantasy Island. Her fantasy: What would life be like if she and Grant were still married? The problem? Grant's dead. 

Available Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, iTunes, Kobo, Smashwords, and in audiobook from Audible.

Fantasy Island: Star Fantasy

Co-written with Kioni Hall

Release Date: 11/15/18

Alisa Davis, current NASA employee and unapologetic geek, loves all things space-related. She's explored countless galaxies through movies, books, and television shows. When she stumbles across a Fantasy Island ad, she knows it's the opportunity she's waited a lifetime to experience. For the first time in her life, she'll "boldly go where no man has gone before," just like the crew of her favorite television series. Because Fantasy Island specializes in romantic fantasies, she adds an extra request: marriage to her dream man. A man not intimidated by her brain or freaked out by her laugh. But what happens when Fantasy Island goofs her fantasy?

Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Kobo, Smashwords, and Google books.